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29 May

Men's Health (What about us?)

It is all about women and child health in the world. Neither do the governments nor the public think too much about men's health.
Men are supposed to be stronger, more fit and often the powerful guys looking after their families.
Men, infact are more prone to die of cardiovascular disorders, strokes, trauma and communicable disease in most communities.
The average life expectancy of women is more for women in every country studied.

Why is it then that all attention is given to their better halves!!

Traditionally women have been persecuted, not given equal rights and their health neglected.

In the last century the whole stress was to uplift the status of women and children. Only lately their has been an impetus in the medicine fraternity to recognize and highlight disease more common in men.

Obesity, alzeimers disease, depression, lung and genitourinary cancers are more common in men. Male andropause and its associated problems of muscle weakness, mood disorders, erectile dysfunction have only recently been highlighted. Erectile dysfunction , often underreported is almost like an epidemic. With a majority of men on antihypertensive and and lipid lowering agents, erectile dysfunction is very common due to the side effects of these drugs. Sixty percent of infertlity has a a male factor cause.

The suicide rates are higher and so are the the mood disorders.

India is waking up to men's health and male health clinics are being planned. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Ram Manohar Lohia hospital in Delhi have speciality clinics looking after men's health.

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