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Male Infertility – Factors that can cause Infertility in Men

Infertility in Men
11 Nov

Male Infertility – Factors that can cause Infertility in Men

Infertility is an ailment of the human reproductive system that hinders the origin of children. It is stated that almost half of the cases of infertility arise due to infertility in men. Although, same is the case with women as after all, they are the one who becomes unable to bear child. A women is suggested to undergone some infertility test when even after one year of trying to conceive, the results didn’t come.

Understanding Infertility in Men

Infertility is not an embarrassment; it is a medical condition that can happen with both men and women. Infertility in men can be due to many reasons like medical illness, disease, an accident, unhealthy lifestyle, and low sperm count. Usually men did not diagnosis for infertility issues until unless the female partner gets diagnosed and determined healthy and fit to conceive.

Major causes of Male Infertility

Usually, sexually transmitted disease causes infertility in men. Although, these issues can be easily addressed with some available diagnosis and medication as prescribed by the experts. There is a situation where a blockage obstructs the release of sperm from the body. Men having Diabetes may suffer from disease known as retrograde ejaculation, under which the semen does not exit the body during intercourse but goes into urine. This causes infertility and thus man becomes unable to help her partner to conceive.

Another possible reason of infertility in men is enlarging of varicose veins, Erectile dysfunctioning and premature ejaculation. The major reasons of the same can be excessive stress, anxiety, and lack of self-confidence which usually can be easily treated with proper care and consulting to the experts. Improved lifestyle including healthy diet can help one to recover from major diseases that can lead to infertility.

In case of other medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol issues, obesity, and cancer treatment with chemotherapy and radiation one should take proper treatment and care both before and after the treatment in order to avoid any future complications that can lead to infertility.

Treating Male Infertility

Infertility treatment differs from man to man. In case of low sperm count it is suggested to refrain from intercourse and ejaculation for some time so as to build up the sperm count required to help female body to conceive. Another treatment route can be artificial insemination and IVF, which is the procedure of fertilizing eggs of female body with the sperm in a test tube.

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