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Best Ways to Boost Male Fertility

16 July

Best Ways to Boost Male Fertility

Male infertility is a worldwide growing problem these days that can be seen in almost every 6 men out of one.
Male infertility is a medical condition of a man when he has bad chances of making his female partner conceive. This can be due to many reasons and the top on what is the low sperm count and poor quality sperm.
Infertility can have usually many causes’ starts from genetics, crash dieting, health diseases, infections and more.
Male infertility cannot be always treated but can be improved with a healthy lifestyle. Here are top ways that can help boost male fertility and increase sperm count.

1. Stay fit, do exercise regularly
Daily exercise helps you in various manners from raising your confidence level to keep you in perfect shape and increasing your testosterone levels. According to a study, men who use to exercise daily have high testosterone levels and thus better quality of semen as compared to inactive men. However, excessive exercise and physical stress can lead to reduce the testosterone levels as well. So, one should take adequate dose of daily exercise in a routine to stay physically active and fit.

2. Increase intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin D
High level of ROS (reactive oxygen species) leads to injury & inflammation within body tissues which increases the risk of chronic disease. This also increases the chances of infertility in men.
Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that reduces the risk of chronic diseases.
Adequate intake of Vitamin C may improve quality of semen. According to a study, intake of 1000 mg supplements carrying Vitamin C twice a day for ~2 months can increase sperm motility by 92% and quantity of sperm by 100%.
Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that can boost your testosterone levels and may increase sperm motility.
So, intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin D can be proved beneficial for a person suffering from low testosterone levels.

3. Stay Calm & Reduce Stress
It is fact that stress in any form (physical or mental or emotional) can lead you towards an unhappy lifestyle and also affects your fertility. Excessive stress increases levels of cortisol, which affects testosterone levels negatively. You must adopt suitable relaxation methodology to combat stress and anxiety. This may include doing meditation, regular exercise, yoga, and more. The ultimate aim should be managing the stress at various levels in day-to-day life.

4. Essential Minerals like Zinc
Zinc is an essential mineral that helps body to fight various bacteria and viruses. Zinc usually found in animal foods, eggs, fish, meat etc. Zinc is a real essential mineral that one can take to promote fertility. Supplements which are enrich of zinc increase testosterone levels and sperm count within the people who are deficient of zinc.

5. Live Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy lifestyle is the greatest mantra of treating all medical disorder. Most of the illness or disorders affect the human body because of improper diet or unhealthy lifestyle. Deficiency of required vitamins and minerals will definitely make your body weak and hence invites many medical illness or diseases. So, live a healthy lifestyle with adequate intake of essential minerals and vitamins to ensure a healthy lifestyle with will promote fertility in men.
Other important considerations that can help you increase your sperm count and boost fertility are:
• Restrict intake of excessive alcohol and drugs
• Get adequate sleep and avoid stress
• Intake of antioxidant supplements
• Avoid to become victim of obesity

Follow the discussed routine and practices to increase the testosterone levels within the body and you may be able to fight the infertility within.

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